• How do I search for a Song?

    If you are in the Home Page:
    Use the Search bar on top of the Page to search for Lyrics Title, Albums, Artists, or even the Lyrics ID.

    If you are in any other page than the Home Page:
    Click on the Search icon () on top of the Page to search for Lyrics Title, Albums, Artists, or even the Lyrics ID.
  • How do I find the Lyrics ID?

    You can find the Lyrics ID to every songs by scrolling to the bottom of the Lyrics page. You’ll see the total view count, as well as the Lyrics ID of the song.
  • How can I share the Lyrics?

    Online : You can share Lyrics from this website in many ways. On the Lyrics page, on the top-right of the lyrics, you’ll see the Whatsapp icon (). Clicking on this from your phone will take you to Whatsapp where you can share the Lyrics with your friends. Other social media links (Facebook & Twitter) can be found in the bottom of the Lyrics page.

    Offline : You can print / download the lyrics for offline purposes by clicking on the Print button () and either clicking the ‘Print’ button to print, or clicking ‘Print to PDF’ to save the Lyrics as a PDF. Even though we provide this feature for people with limited / no internet coverage, we would like to request you to use the Social Media share links to help us grow this website.
  • What all languages does the Search function support?

    For ease of use, you can search for the lyrics using the Manglish format (Malayalam words typed using English alphabets).
  • I can’t find the Song that I’m looking for

    If you feel that a particular song is missing and needs to be added, please feel free to contact me via the Contact page, or if you have the lyrics, please use the Subit Lyrics button on the Home Page to sent the lyrics.
  • What are the different buttons on top of the Lyrics page?

    The various buttons are :
    Use this button to go into Slide Show mode. You can control the lyrics by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, scroll wheel on your mouse, the left and right buttons on the slide show screen, and swipe gestures for touch screen.
    Use this button to toggle between the 2 Lyrics preview modes. One with User roles for Male/Female/All/Reverend and the other with no user roles.
    Use this button to Print / Save the Malayalam Lyrics. Right now, you can’t Print / Save the Manglish lyrics using this button.
    Use this button to quickly sent the URL to the current Lyrics page to your friends using Whatsapp. All other social media options are provided in the bottom of the lyrics page.
    AAA Use this option to Increase / Decrease the font size of the Lyrics.
  • What are M / F / A / R on the lyrics screen?

    These are User roles for singing comfortably in a Choir setting. M stands for singing the Male part, F for the Female part, A for All / Chorus, and R/S for Reverend / Susrushi. You can turn this off by clicking on the button on top of the lyrics.
  • The Karaoke section shows ‘Your browser is unable to play this audio file’ message

    This is because either the file is a midi file which the browser natively cant play, or because the file was removed by the owner. Remember that we don’t host any media files and these are publically available files owned by their respective owners.
  • Can I customize the Slide Show presentation screen?

    Yes you can, to an extent. Once you are in the Slide Show mode (by clicking the button), on the top-left, you’ll see a cog icon(). Click on it to reveal the various settings you can change. For now, you can change the Font color of the Main Text (the enlarged lyrics line in the center), the Font color of the Previous and Next lines, the font size, show user role mode, and finally a button to reset all slide show settings. (Note: You cannot change the font color for lyrics if you are in the user role mode. You can only change the background color in this mode).
  • Where are the Manglish Lyrics?

    Just below the Malayalam Lyrics section
  • Does MADELY own the Media files in the website?

    MADELY does not own any lyrics or media files (karaoke & track file), and they belong to their respective owners. The media files in this website are taken from publically available sites, and we dont host any of it. It is just easy to use links to those original websites.
  • What shall I do if I find mistakes in the lyrics?

    As the lyrics were typed by a single person, there is no doubt that there might be mistakes that made it to the lyrics for publication. If you find any, please feel free to message me via the Contact page, or type in a comment below the lyrics. I shall try my best to correct the mistake as fast as humanly possible, so that the next person reading the lyrics will get the corrected version.

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